M600-22/25 Range

M800-22/25 Range


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The Merlin Systems is a South African developed Assembly system which has been design verified to IEC 61439-2 to meet the South African environment. In addition to the IEC standards the testing has met the stringent requirements to achieve ASTA certification.
Merlin Systems Assembly System
The busbar support system is partially manufactured in SA under agreement with Termate (UK) with the moulded insulated components being supplied by Termate.
The Merlin System allows a combination of fixed pattern and withdrawable starter buckets using plugable devices on power circuits where the overall weight is impractical to use a complete bucket. Testing was done with withdrawable incoming devices (ACB’s) to ensure the worst case scenario of heat rejection from the device was considered.
The modular design of the system allows for easy selection of enclosure requirements for motor starters and incoming devices. The standard copper busbar punching detail reduces copper manufacture time and allows easy assembly.
Merlin Systems Panels